Our Town — Leo Daedalus as The Stage Manager  [photo: Ryan Mooney]

About "Portland art-comedy darling Leo Daedalus"

Liminal calls him that. It's embarrassing but they're forcing us to use the quote.

Leo Daedalus hosts and produces The Late Now, the thinking mammal’s avant-variety-talk show, live in Portland. A fearless improviser, he's also an actor, writer, filmmaker, singer, musician, comedian, and hired-gun emcee.

In 2013 Leo played The Stage Manager in Liminal vs Our Town, an experimental-faithful production of Thornton Wilder's overproduced and under-respected visionary play. It was produced by Liminal, Portland's most experimental theatre company, and directed by John Berendzen.

Leo speaks seven languages, some mighty rustily. Also a visual artist and designer, he has published over fifty collaborative artist’s books and used to run a creative studio in Portland.

Leo loves Portland, Oregon, his home since 2005. He spent many years in Seattle, a couple in Chicago, a childhood in Switzerland, and has traveled wide but not nearly enough.

REVIEWWillamette Week critic Rebecca Jacobson writes: "The anchor, though, is Daedalus, who grows steadily more commanding.... he has all the power of a hypnotist."

REVIEWPortland Stage Reviews critic Anne Richardson writes that "the magnificently feline.... Leo Daedalus’ performance as a cross between Mr. Rogers and His Satanic Majesty is a tough one to shake."

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