Liminal vs. Our Town

an experimental-faithful production of the play


John Berendzen — director

Leo Daedalus — in the role of The Stage Manager

Jahnavi Caldwell-Green — Emily

Corey O'Hara — George

In November 2013 Leo starred as The Stage Manager in Liminal vs Our Town, an experimental-faithful production of Thornton Wilder's overproduced and under-respected visionary play. It was produced by Liminal, Portland's most experimental theatre company, and directed by the brilliant John Berendzen. Leo claims he was born to play The Stage Manager.

Our Town — Leo Daedalus as The Stage Manager  [photo: Ryan Mooney]Our Town — promo shoot  [photo: Ryan Mooney & Leo Daedalus]Our Town postcard by Leo Daedalus


» Willamette Week critic Rebecca Jacobson writes: "The anchor, though, is Daedalus, who grows steadily more commanding.... he has all the power of a hypnotist."

» Portland Stage Reviews critic Anne Richardson writes that "the magnificently feline.... Leo Daedalus’ performance as a cross between Mr. Rogers and His Satanic Majesty is a tough one to shake."

» Portland Theatre Scene calls it "A fabulous achievement."

» Portland Monthly critic Aaron Scott calls it "the most thought-provoking show yet this season".

» The Oregonian names it one of Portland theater's ten best of 2013.

» Willamette Week picks Our Town as #4 in its best Portland theater of 2013.